Intro to Pathwright

Intro to Pathwright is the best way to get accustomed with Pathwright. You'll find out about who we are and how we can help you teach more people.

  • Explore Pathwright

    In this self-paced class, you'll receive:

    • A 10 minute overview of everything Pathwright helps you do
    • Resources and tips for starting your online school
    • Direct access to the Pathwright team with any questions

About this course

Intro to Pathwright is the perfect way to quickly survey all that Pathwright can do. After discussing the core of Pathwright's philosophy, we'll walk you through Pathwright's key features. You'll even have a chance to ask questions along the way to find out if Pathwright is right for you.

Course path preview

  • Welcome to Pathwright

    • Learn To Make Paths

      • to-do Say Hello
      • read Make Paths
      • watch Build a Course
      • read Teach Creatively
      • listen test
    • Paths to Any Place

      • read Own Your Brand
      • watch Grow Your Community
      • read Make a Profit
    • Paths Well-Travelled

      • read The Lamp Post Guild
      • read integralCALC Academy
      • read Allrecipes Cooking School
      • read Hitachi Learning Solutions
    • Let’s Make Paths Together

      • read Meet Our Team
      • to-do Ask Us Anything
      • read Create Your School

About the teacher


The PathwrightU team is made up of Pathwright team members, partner educators, and education consultants who share a passion for helping all types of educators hone their skills.

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